Xanadu designs and integrates quantum silicon photonic chips into
existing hardware to create truly full-stack quantum computing.


Platform: Photonics

Instead of using electrons to carry information and perform calculations, we use photons. Unlike electrons, photons are very stable and are almost unaffected by random noise from heat. We use photonic chips to generate, control, and measure photons in ways that enable extremely fast computation.

Quantum Resource

Quantum Resource: Squeezing

“Squeezing” refers to reducing the fluctuations in a light beam. By squeezing light — changing the way it fluctuates at the quantum level — we can access a space of computational problems that no existing conventional supercomputer can tackle.

Room Temperature

Pathway to Room Temperature

Though some of our equipment does require cooling, this need is incidental and is not a fundamental limitation of our approach to quantum computation. Unlike other electron-based approaches, heat is not a source of noise for our photonic quantum computer. This allows us to build a roadmap to fully room-temperature operation, enabling broad deployment of quantum computers outside of an industrial setting.


Qumodes: Beyond Qubits

In traditional quantum computers, information is stored in qubits, which can take on values of 0 or 1 and their superpositions. Our photonic approach uses “qumodes”, where information is encoded in a continuous variable. The amount of information carried in each qumode can be much larger than that in a qubit.


Using mature technologies in the rapidly growing integrated photonics industry, our chips are created using cutting-edge fabrication techniques.

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    We work with foundries for chip fabrication, leveraging photonics at its cutting edge with lithographically-written photonic integrated circuits.

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    Laser light powers our quantum processor chips, traveling and interacting through nano-scale channels.

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    The fundamental resource for computation -- squeezed light -- is generated on chip and used for calculations intractable for conventional chips.

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    Integrated electrical components make our chips configurable and programmable.

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    Light is measured using the most advanced photon detectors in the world.

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    Using the photons emerging from our chips the results of quantum computations are read out.